Pest Repellers - Does It Work?

If insects are a problem at your house and you're trying to find a solution but don't want to have strong chemicals or bug spray in your home, the folks at Sunbeam have a product out that claims it will cure the problem with nothing more than a high pitched noise. Does it work? David Hagood tests out the "Ultrasonic Pest Repellers". It's supposed to repel mice, rats, spiders and ants without using poisons or traps, and the package says that it can be used around your family and pets. It's the electronic pest repeller. It works by sending out an ultrasonic signal... driving the pesky insects and rodents away. To test out the Sunbeam repellers we had to find mice so we contacted "Wet Pets" who let us perform our unscientific on their mice. First we dropped the unplugged repeller into the cage... after the mice got used to it, we plugged it in... and the mice scattered. But is that something that would happen in your own home with the mice and rats there? Probably not, if you look on the back of the package in that small print you'll find where is says that the ultrasonic loses it's intensity as it travels. It's absorbed by carpeting, and is reflected by hard surfaces. It also says that it will not reach behind walls. And if you look a bit closer you'll see where it tells you that some rodents will become used to the unit, and will return to an area even in the presence of an ultrasonic product. So what's the use in having one or three for that matter of these pest repellers? Take that $19.99 that you would have spent on the product and call an exterminator... or better yet you might just want to sick with the more traditional rat traps. It failed If you're not convinced by our test and would still like to try the repellers out. You can purchase a set of 3 for around 20 bucks or you can purchase them individually for anywhere from 5 to 8 dollars each. E-mail David with your does it work suggestion at