COPY-Islands Still Experiencing Snow and Surf

HALEAKALA (KHNL) --  The islands still feeling the chill from winter weather, in fact, the summits of the big island are under a winter weather advisory.

Along with the ice and snow, temperatures there are hovering around 25-30 degrees.

But the big island isn't the only spot where we're seeing winter weather.while big island residents are used to winter snowfall, its been several years since maui's haleakala summit looked like this.

And while it looks beautiful from afar, and these pictures were send in from all around maui.

at the summit, conditions are too dangerous.

"Four, five inches of snow and ice throughout the day, it has been socked in at 7000 ft level and up at the summit, we have haven't been able to get to today," said Dominic Cardea with the Haleakala National Park.

So once again the road leading to the summit is closed. But if the frozen conditions clear up, the road could be opened late thursday morning.

Even if it is inaccessable, the snow capped mountain has many enjoying this wintertime treat.

"it's always a dynamic very exciting landscape, so it is one of the joys of working here, for sure," Cardea said.

Meanwhile on maui, wind is still a concern, believed to be the culprit behind this toppled tree in makawao.

And along with the winter weather for the big island summits, at sea level, strong easterly surf hitting hilo bay is washing up onto bayfront highway. Keeping one lane of this road closed for the third straight day.

Parts of the big island have also been under a flood advisory