Guest Editorial: Uncommon Manners

Polite manners, greetings and salutations, and hellos should be at the top of everyone's list.

Unfortunately, they're not. That day has - almost come and gone. It's never too late to use GOOD MANNERS.

They will get you father than money, power, influence and in some cases, good looks.

Say "good morning" to your parents, co-workers and people on the street and watch the happy reactions you get.

It has never hurt to be nice to others.

I also like it when children of all ages use the phrase Ma'am at the end of things like... Yes and No.

Saying "excuse me" once in a while is also good.

Let's not let those lessons we learned in childhood fall by the way side because we live in a fast paced modern world.

We all live together, or we perish apart.

I'm Rose McCall