CJ Williams Talks About Defamation Case

Former montgomery daycare owner CJ Williams contacted WSFA 12 News Wednesday. He wanted to give us his side of the story, now that his defamation lawsuit has been dismissed.

Williams claims a child advocacy group in Montgomery made false statements about him to the media.

A Montgomery Circuit Court judge dismissed the defamation suit Tuesday. The judge indicated that Williams' lawyer had quit and Williams himself failed to show up for the hearing.

"I was completely shocked," Williams told us via phone. "I didn't have any idea the case was going to be dismissed. I didn't know there was even a hearing in court on the matter. I wasn't notified by my attorney or by the court system."

Willams used to own Kidz First daycare in Montgomery. He was accused of child molestation, but later found not guilty. After the trial, he claims the children's advocacy group, ChildProtect, told the media he should have been convicted.

ChildProtect officials deny the allegation.

Williams has since moved to Florida, where he still works with an after school youth program. He says he would like to again open his own daycare center.

"I've learned as a male in this society how to protect myself better to where I don't open myself up to false allegations," he explained.

To protect his reputation, he says he is considering filing a second defamation suit against ChildProtect.

Reporter: Mark Bullock