DTV Roadshow Comes to Montgomery To Education Public About "The Big Switch"

The clock is ticking are you ready for the switch from digital television? As of Thursday afternoon, there are 299 days until analog television goes away and digital television takes over at television stations across the country. The official change over date is February 17, 2009.

To help educate the public, WSFA 12 News and Cohens Electronics teamed up to bring the DTV Roadshow to Montgomery. The event attracted many members of the public to learn what the change means and what it means to their home televisions.

Here at WSFA 12 News, we have bought the necessary equipment and it's ready to go to make the change. So on February 17th, all we have to do is turn off our analog signal. We are already broadcasting in digital.

WSFA 12 News Programming Director, Mark Wilder says, "One of the benefits of this big switch is, people ask us for some time how is going to benefit me? One of the real benefits is, when you get an hd television. Because you have to have digital television to broadcast HD programming. When you see the difference in hd and standard definition, I think it will be apparent that is why everyone is going to this. It's not just a different way of doing things. It's a better way of watching television in high definition."

We are already broadcasting on three digital stations. 12.1 carries our regular programming schedule, including any programs in hi-def. On 12. 2 you can see WSFA 12 Weather Plus. On 12.3 you can watch our new Retro Television Network, which airs old shows like Happy Days, Gunsmoke, and Matlock.