Last American WWI Vet Honored at 107

It's not unusual for veterans to be honored for their service.

After all, that's what Memorial Day is all about.

However one ceremony in Missouri was different from all the others.

The man being honored is the last remaining American veteran of world war one.

"The VFW (veterans of foreign war) is proud to express its enduring gratitude to frank woodruff buckles."

Frank woodruff buckles answered the call of duty as an underage recruit when president Woodrow Wilson called on Americans in 1917 to quote "make the world safe for democracy."

The 107 year old has outlived all of his fellow American servicemen.

"I might be among those who survived, but I didn't know I was going to be the number one," said frank buckles.

The Missouri native, who toured among the thousands of world war one artifacts, is living history of the Great War.

Buckles enthusiastically enlisted in august 1917.

He drove ambulances there and after the armistice, joined a POW escort company that returned prisoners to Germany.

Buckles chose to spend the rest of his life as a farmer.

Free choices we have too, because Americans like him fought for liberty and justice for all.

This quiet American hero is now famous late in life, admired for doing good for others despite the danger.

"Having this opportunity to travel, and to talk to people, and people are interested, it's really incredible the honors they're bestowing on my father, and I'm very proud," said buckles daughter Susannah Flanagan.

Frank buckles grew up in Missouri, and now lives near Charlestown, West Virginia.