Master of the Metal

Ray Bellew takes your junk, and makes it into a masterpiece.  He's a welder by trade, so he knows how to use a torch.    He's always keeping his eyes open looking for some scrap metal.  Finding the metal is one thing, but figuring out what to do with it, well that's just a gift.

"I feel like I can build anything,"  Bellew said.   "I feel like it's a gift from God, the image comes to my mind and I put it together."

From a group of men sitting around a campfire, to a man sitting in a deer stand, sometimes Bellew even impresses himself.

"Sometimes I get out here and I don't want to quit.   I really impress my self a lot, the Jesus with a cross came out good and it looks real."

Ray can make anything, and he can make something for you.  Give him a call at (334) 541-4912.