Editorial: Viewer Feedback

You took exception to our recent editorial advocating a proposed truancy ordinance in Montgomery.

Brenda Pierce replied: "I can't understand why parents should be held accountable for kids not attending school.  The kids should be held responsible for their own actions, because some kids would stay out of school just to get back at their parents.  Then parents may have younger kids and if their parents are put in jail for the older kid what happens then."

Sharon Adair agreed: "I think that the child should spend time in a juvenile center to show them what will happen if they keep skipping school.  That will teach the child a lot."

Steve Downs Jr. chimed in: "I have a problem with the fact that anyone would even consider putting the parents in jail because of a child being truant from school, unless the parents are proven to be the cause of the actions of the child.  If a child gets caught skipping school, they should be loaded up and taken to jail and shown what happens to people who break the law.  If that's not enough to scare them straight, then maybe spending some time in a reform school might be the answer."

You agreed with our recent editorial on obesity costs.

Sharon Long emailed: "I think that anyone who is obese should pay higher premiums for insurance, just like smokers have to."

Ralph Clark concurred: "Obesity does cost every taxpayer in this country.  Why shouldn't you pay more for health insurance if you are the one that uses it."

We appreciate all of your feedback.