Editorial: Civic Participation

Seven years ago civic pride swelled in the aftermath of  9/11.

We knew war had been declared on us and we fought back in our own way.

We also went out of our way to be more considerate of each other and show appreciation for firefighters, police officers and service members.

We resolved to share time more readily with our family and our community.

How are we doing?

Generally we probably have slacked off a bit, especially regarding giving time to community.

Civic clubs throughout our region are losing members.

These clubs promote Americanism, support the abused, enhance education and engage in countless other positives.

None of us has enough time to do all we'd like to do.

Making time to join and participate in civic clubs and volunteer with churches, schools and charitable groups would be a lasting tribute to all who have been and continue to be victimized by that tragic day seven years ago.