Editorial: Biscuit Brilliance

Montgomery Biscuits fans reveled in the Tampa Rays World Series run  the past two weeks as a third of the Rays roster are former Biscuits players.  Those players thrilled us over the past five years by winning two championships here.

In a climate of fiscal mismanagement nationwide, it is refreshing to see a baseball team show us how to manage our money.  The Rays roster costs one-fifth the payroll of the New York Yankees.  And the Rays finished with the best record in baseball.

Teamwork goes a long way in sports and in business.  And the teamwork exhibited by the Rays minor league affiliate here in Montgomery has carried on at the major league level.

The Biscuits have twice been named the minor league team of the year and their retail merchandise ranks in the top five in minor league baseball.

Our business community supports them, as the 20 Suites at the stadium are sold out for the next three years.  Attendance continues to average more than 300,000 a year and season ticket renewals for the upcoming season are brisk.

The first ten years Tampa struggled as an expansion franchise.

The next ten it should shine as a model franchise, a great one for Montgomery's Biscuits to call a partner.