Editorial: Private Crossing

Montgomery's downtown will really grow when more people live in the many lofts being developed here.  Alleviating some parking concerns should expedite that, and easing off on train whistles that would wake Rip Van Winkle will as well.

Mobile invested $200,000 to designate their downtown area quiet zones for trains.

Downtown hotel guests there don't need to get ear plugs now when they check in.

The downtown hotel guests here will get an early Christmas present.

It won't be a quiet zone, but a private crossing, and the investment here was about 20 times less.

In a few weeks, the city expects to complete work that will designate the Coosa Street crossing a private crossing.

That will stop the trains from blowing their whistles going north to the baseball field from Embassy Suites, the loudest of the whistles right now.

Coosa Street will be blocked off to traffic.  A police patrol would allow foot traffic if needed.

Whistle enthusiasts will still hear the train blow not very away at the Court Street Exit.

But hopefully for tourists and residents, the directional flow will be less intense, and sleep patterns won't be disrupted.