Bizarre puppy murder

John Newman
John Newman

High-tech help has helped Pennsylvania police bust a man accused of a bizarre puppy murder.

"I saw my dog on the floor, dead on top of a pot. It was horrific, I really couldn't go inside," recalled Nafiz Aziz.

Aziz was so sickened by the sight of what someone had done to his dog, he couldn't walk into his own apartment the night of November 1st.

So brave boyfriend, John Newman, took on the role of protector and went in for Aziz.

They found someone had broken into the Upper Darby apartment, stole some items, and drowned Aziz' beloved puppy in the bathtub,.

The thief had then put the dog's body on the living room floor, in a frying pan, with kitchen spices, oregano, salt and pepper, nearby.

Now, police say the brave boyfriend is really the sicko burglar and animal abuser, who knew all along what Aziz would be greeted with when he opened his door that night.

The two men had an on-again, off-again relationship, and apparently one of the off-again times provoked Newman, according to police.

One of the stolen items was a computer, which happened to have an embedded GPS device.

Police say they tracked down the computer, which led them straight to Newman in South Philadelphia.