Editorial: Feedback

You said hold on a minute on our recent editorial supporting a bill to make it a felony rather than misdemeanor for eluding police.

Bill Ventress emailed that he has read Senator Smith's proposed bill and is concerned it has a glaring omission - if you are unsure whether an officer is legitimate, you should be able to proceed at a safe speed to a safe area.

Ventress cites instances recently throughout the state when someone who wasn't a police officer stopped people using some type of flashing light and suggests we "reconsider support of the bill, or at least advocate changes that protects citizens from unknown unmarked police and reasonable safety precautions."

Sherill Park from Demopolis phoned with the same concerns, especially for young people late at night.

Regarding  local rule, Patricia Self emailed: "Hooray for the Home Rule" editorial!  My husband votes" no" on statewide requests for opinions on any taxation in other counties.  I do not feel I should be making decisions for other counties at all, so I leave it blank.  Such items should not be subject to a statewide vote."

We appreciate all of your feedback.