Editorial: Jobless

Shelby County has the lowest jobless rate in the state:  4.4%

Last year at this time, more than half of our state's 67 counties had a jobless rate of 4% or less.

Wilcox County led the state last year at this time in unemployment.

They still do now but their rate has doubled to over 15%.

Twenty counties now have a rate of 8.6% or higher, the same as Wilcox County had last year.

Montgomery County's labor force numbers 107,000 and 7,000 people in the county are jobless now.

More could be joining them as many of those workers are employed by state government and budget cuts are pending.

One option being floated to mitigate the number of jobs cut could be furloughs - forcing unpaid leave for one day per paid period up to 24 pay periods.

Any proposal that saves jobs is worth giving strong consideration.