Syria withdrawal sparks political rift in Washington

President Trump's decision to pull American forces from Syria has spawned a political rift in Washington sparking his allies to challenge his decision.

  Police say NY couple recorded women using restrooms

  Garbage man befriends 88-year-old who fell collecting her trashcan

A kind gesture led to an unlikely friendship between a sanitation worker and an elderly woman in Missouri.

  Woman calls from the luggage compartment of a moving bus

The 32-year-old from Long Beach, N.Y., spent about 30 miles in the vehicle’s undercarriage before authorities found the bus and pulled it over.

  Passenger stops armed robber on a train

  Infant found inside plastic bag in southern Indiana

A person just happened to be walking their dog and found the baby.

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  Trump: Kurdish allies 'are not angels'

President Donald Trump defended his decision to leave Syria and abandon Kurdish allies, allowing the incursion of Turkish forces into northeast Syria.

  In case of Dutch family isolated for several years, questions remain, police say

A family of a father and five adult siblings were found at a farm, though to have been cut off from the world since possibly 2010.

  RAW: Washington Nationals fans celebrate win

National fans are filled with joy following a victory that will take the team to the World Series.

  GRAPHIC: Man in coma after 2 hit-and-run drivers strike his vehicle

A man is in a coma and fighting for his life after he was the victim of two hit-and-run drivers in Plantation, Florida.

  Police: Robber makes getaway on electric scooter

Police said a bank robber in California made his getaway on an electric scooter.

  7-year-old caught vaping at school

A Wisconsin second-grader busted for vaping CBD oil in the middle of class was sent to the hospital before being returned to his mother.

  Rage yoga lets you curse and scream

Rage yoga? Yep, it's a thing and pretty much the exact opposite of the traditional discipline.

  Dog saves owner's life after chainsaw accident

The dog isn't trained, but he really came through when it mattered.

  People get close to bear in the Smokies

It is illegal to come with 50 yards of a bear in the park.

  Country artist dedicates concert to girl battling cancer

Texas musician Aaron Watson played his heart out for a 6-year-old with terminal brain cancer.

  Don't judge all officers based on one, Fort Worth chief says after officer kills woman

Ed Kraus, Fort Worth interim police chief, apologized after an officer killed a woman in her own home over the weekend.

  Panera Bread worker fired for sharing secret of mac and cheese

  SRO and school nurse save the life of a student

The boy was playing dodgeball when his pacemaker failed and his heart stopped.

  Hunter Biden defends self on Ukraine

In an ABC News interview that aired Tuesday, Hunter Biden concedes he may have made a mistake "in the grand scheme of things" for failing to see the political r

  Biden defends his son, takes on Trump over ethics

Presidential candidate Joe Biden is ramping up a defense of his son Hunter after weeks of attacks by President Trump

  Trump's former adviser had concerns about Giuliani, Ukraine

Fiona Hill said she raised red flags about wrongdoing in the U.S. foreign policy with Ukraine.

  Trump lashes out as impeachment probe continues

As his former top Russia aide testified Monday, President Donald Trump was again calling for the identity of the whistleblower to be revealed.