COVID: Drive-thru Eid al-Fitr celebration

  Senior Economic Adviser to President Trump predicts unemployment rate north of 20%

Hassett predicts unemployment rate will reach "north of 20%" for May, could be double digits in November

  RAW: Hong Kong protesters hit with tear gas

Protesters in Hong Kong were hit with tear gas on Sunday, May 24, 2020.

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  Memorial Day weekend tests COVID lockdown

Heat wave has many flocking to the beach on holiday weekend during pandemic.

  Fire crews save historic ship from Pier 45 fire

  All 50 states to partially reopen by tomorrow

  Central Michigan flooding and clean up

Midland, Michigan, cleans up after historic flooding.

  Trump: Houses of worship are essential

  Biden calls Trump 'destroyer of everything he touches'

  Test performed ahead of SpaceX Demo-2 launch

  Dad killed while on video chat; son arrested

  Memorial Day, Harry Potter and Gibson guitars on your livestreaming weekend

The National Memorial Day Concert, Gibson Guitar's new show, and a Harry Potter-themed play get a virtual premiere.

  RAW: Pakistan plane crashes near Karachi

  Woman suffers eye injury during eyelash job

  Coronavirus concerns for Memorial Day weekend

  Half of Facebook employees could be remote by 2030

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg says half of employees could be remote by 2030.

  Pac-Man turns 40

  States reopen with optimism, uncertainty

  Raw: Michael Cohen arrives home to serve out sentence