Decision 2020 Video

  Barry Moore seeks District 2 nomination

  Bob Rogers running for District 2 seat

  Bob Rogers running for District 2 seat

  Candidate promises to be ‘jobs creator’ if elected

  Tommy Tuberville campaigns for Senate

  Candidate Profiles: Stanley Adair

  Candidate Profile: Bradley Byrne

  Pete Buttigieg visits Montgomery

  Charlotte Meadows wins State House District 74 special election

Most Recent Video

  Montgomery city councilmembers sworn into office

  Candidates speak day before special election for state house seat

  Councilman-elect reflects on journey

  City election results certified

  Mayor-elect begins transition to city hall

  Mayor Strange congratulates Steven Reed

  Montgomery residents react to new mayor

  Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange reacts to election results

  Steven Reed speaks after becoming Montgomery's mayor

  Steven Reed defeats David Woods in mayoral election

  David Woods speaks after loss in Montgomery mayoral race

  No ruling yet on Woods campaign’s TRO petition

  Montgomery Mayoral Run-off: David Woods

  Montgomery Mayoral Run-off: Steven Reed

  David Woods files request for TRO against election center

  Woods and Reed: The final day before election

  Watch party responds to Montgomery mayoral debate

  Montgomery mayoral candidates David Woods, Steven Reed debate

  Question 5: How can the city help the school system

  Question 9: Street safety for pedestrians

  Question 6: Improving public transportation

  Question 13: How candidates would approach taxes

  Question 11: Improving citizen quality of life

  Question 1: Candidates' No. 1 priority as mayor

  Question 7: Equal opportunities for women