The weekend is a split bag, weather-wise!

Scattered showers and storms are possible Saturday, but Sunday is dry

  Storms slowly wind down this evening

  Rain and storms chances elevated this week

  Better rain chances to come

  Hot, humid and mostly dry weekend

  Warming up over the next few days!

  Still hot, stray showers possible

Continued Coverage

  Rain coverage is low, temperatures are not

  Very dry stretch of weather ahead

  Seasonable and sunny start to August

  Scattered rain and storms this afternoon

  Much lower rain, storm chances heading into the weekend

  Cloudy and rainy Wednesday

  Rain and rumbles for many

Widespread showers, downpours and thunderstorms expected thru Wednesday, perhaps Thursday.

  Mainly dry Monday, but rain chances increase soon

More rain is on the way

  Scattered storms moving through central and south Alabama

A typical summertime weekend is in progress, weather-wise!

  Hot and humid with scattered storms this weekend, plus an update on the active Tropics

No one day looks completely dry with highs between 90 and 95.

  Tropical Storm Hanna forms in Gulf of Mexico, sends rain our way

  Big heat, small rain coverage through Friday

  Typical thunderstorm chances each day with mid-90s continuing

  Typical July weather this week

  Rain chances rise into the workweek, heat stays put

  Hot, mostly dry weekend expected

  The Dog Days of Summer continue...

It's hot with highs in the mid/upper 90s, but we will easily feel like 100°+ with only scattered showers each afternoon...

  Wet afternoon ends, drier and hotter tomorrow

Best chance of rain and storms will be along and south of U.S. 80.

  Hot & mostly dry Tuesday, more wet weather expected Wednesday

Most days only feature a 20-30% chance of storms.

  Heating things up this week!

Most of us will dodge showers and storms through Wednesday.

  Lots of heat, some rain this week

Scattered showers and potentially strong storms late this afternoon and into the evening.

  Even hotter temps on the way

Heat index values will be above 100° and as high as 108° nearly every day through late next week.

  Less rain, more heat has arrived to the forecast!

Maximum heat indices could reach near 105° this weekend

  More rain today, but lower storm chances and hotter temperatures arrive in the coming days

Rain and storm chances will run around 40-50% through Friday with heat indices soaring above 100 degrees.

  Rain, storm risk stays elevated before heat ramps back up

Numerous showers, storms expected for next two days before rain chances subside later in week.

  Numerous to widespread showers and thunderstorms expected this week

Rain and storm chances return to normal summertime levels by late-week.

  Widespread rain likely for the beginning of the week

Widespread rain chances arrive tomorrow

Heat, humidity and scattered storms

Rain in is the forecast, but it won't be an all-day washout

  Scattered storms for the 4th; storms possible each day into next week

Storms are likely, but it will NOT be a washout!

  More scattered showers, storms and heat now through the holiday weekend

Daily storm chances running at about 50%

  Rain lingers overnight, more rain Thursday and beyond

Elevated rain chances expected pretty much each day over the next week

  More heat, humidity and storms for the last day of June

Heat index values will rise into the low triple digits, and our only relief is a few pop-up storms

  Triple digit heat index temperatures and scattered storms

Shower and storm chances rise through the week with temps hanging in the lower 90s.

  Scattered rain and 90° temperatures that feel like the low 100s

It's hot!

  Typical summertime pattern likely next few days

It’s not a completely dry and quiet forecast, but rain/storm chances are staying on the lower-end

  Weekend features typical summer weather

Rain and storm chances are running around 30% or so this weekend. Heat index temps will soar well into the 90s to near 100.

  One more day of elevated rain and storm chances

Scattered showers and storms are likely today before things become more isolated in nature this weekend.

  Rain chances linger into the overnight hours

Our Thursday looks to feature another round of summer-like thunderstorms

  Elevated chance for showers, storms for the next few days

On/off rain and thunderstorms are a good bet for most locations through Thursday.

  Rain, storm chances are on the rise this week

Rain chances remain elevated and storms are also possible through Thursday...

  Rain chances are on the rise!

Rain chances stay low today

  Lots of heat, little rain this weekend!

Today kicked off the first official day of summer, and the heat showed up for it!

  Summer officially kicks off this weekend, and the weather feels like it!

Highs will reach the lower 90s today and middle 90s by Father's Day

  Staying mainly dry through the weekend, but heat is making a comeback

Rain chances remain at or below 20% through next Monday as temperatures and humidity levels rise.

  Comfortable warmth... for now.

We are going to start the process of turning up the heat by this weekend!

  Comfortable temps and humidity, but for how long?

Changes arrive early next week!

  Rain chances stay low this week, but a change is on the way...

Higher rain chances and more humidity is possible by early next week

  The forecast is on repeat!

Stop us if you've heard this forecast before...

  Remaining warm and mostly dry for the next several days

Plenty of sun, lower humidity and virtually no rain

  Remains mostly dry now through next week

It will be dry for most everyone for at least the next 7 days with highs around 90.

  A big change: Say goodbye to the rain, storms and oppressive humidity!

No one day features more than a 10% chance of rain for the next week

  More afternoon rain, storms expected before a big drop in humidity!

Widespread severe weather is not expected, but a few gusty storms are possible as the front moves through.

  More wet weather expected now through Wednesday

Most everyone should see some rain and thunderstorm activity Tuesday and Wednesday. Severe threat is minimal each day.

  More showers, a few storms still possible thanks to Cristobal

On and off tropical downpours are expected Monday with scattered showers and storms Tuesday and Wednesday.

  Tropical Storm Cristobal’s outer bands impacting Alabama

There is a very low risk of tornadoes for some

  Cristobal’s outer bands already bringing rain to parts of Alabama

Cristobal will bring rain to parts of Alabama

  Scattered storms now, more wet weather this weekend

Cristobal may bring widespread rain by early next week

  Steamy with more scattered rain and storms into the weekend

Isolated to scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected each day through at least next Wednesday. Impacts from Cristobal remain to be seen, but a surge of moisture and potentially some heavier rain is possible this weekend south of U.S. 80.

  Few showers, storms to round out the week before eyes turn to Tropical Storm Cristobal

Isolated to scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected each afternoon to end the workweek; then rain chances increase thanks to Cristobal

  The “chance of showers and storms” pattern rolls on

A few showers and storms are possible each day over the next week, with Wednesday, Sunday and Monday having the highest chance of rain around 40%.

  90-degree temps, isolated showers and storms headline forecast

Many days over the next week feature a 30-40% chance of showers and thunderstorms, in addition to high temperatures pushing or exceeding 90 degrees.

  Warm and mostly dry for the next several days!

A noticeable change has arrived to the forecast!

  Changes are on the way to the forecast!

Drier weather is on the way!

  Isolated showers, storms Saturday before Alabama trends drier and hotter

While it doesn’t rain on everyone, a few pop-up thunderstorms are possible

  Drying out from morning storms and warming up

While a few more thunderstorms are possible later today, rain is not expected to be nearly as widespread as this morning

  Thunderstorms likely later today; some could be strong

There will be some dry time and even a little bit of sunshine through early Wednesday afternoon before showers and storms move in. Some could bring small hail, gusty winds, heavy rain, and lightning.

  Rain likely throughout Tuesday, storms ramp up late

Most everyone sees showers today; Wednesday brings another good shot at rain and storms

  Not a washout, but pop-up storms likely each afternoon

Late-day showers and thunderstorms remain in the forecast

  More heat, more humidity, more scattered storms

Heat, humidity, and late-day storms are in the forecast the next several days

  Heat, humidity and scattered storms for Memorial Day Weekend

Summer-like weather welcomes the unofficial start to summer

  Warm weekend ahead with scattered storms possible

It feels like summer with highs near 90° each day!

  Summer-like weather pattern welcomes Memorial Day Weekend

Each day will feature heat, humidity and storm chances

  Warm Wednesday but more heat, scattered storms return soon

Forecast features a chance of rain each day now through next week, but no day looks to be a washout

  Comfortably warm today and Wednesday, but heat returns soon

Highs head for 90°+ by Friday and the Memorial Day holiday weekend