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  More storms in the forecast

More storms today

  More showers, storms likely this week

  Doesn’t get much better than this!

  Comfortably cool night ahead!

  Dry next few days

  A few scattered showers/storms Wednesday

  Rain, rumbles in spots

Continued Coverage

  Hit-or-miss showers and storms Monday

  Off-and-on rain for the weekend

  Rain, rain and more rain...

  Changes are coming!

  Wetter pattern arrives later this week

  Blistering heat Tuesday, then the pattern changes...

  End to our dry weather in sight?

More dry and hot weather is in our immediate future, but rounds of rain are possible by the end of the week

  Hot and dry weekend underway

Temperatures stay above average with little rain in the forecast

  Warm weekend ahead...

We’re still hot, and there won’t be much rain to cool us off

  More heat, a little rain?

Temperatures remain above average; rogue rain is possible across south Alabama

  Above average heat continues

  Remains hot, but scattered showers could return soon

  Done with record heat?

  Hot Memorial Day Weekend

  Feeling hot, hot, hot!

  Heat cranks up this weekend

  Potential record heat on the way

Temperatures will soar near 100° by this weekend...

  Heat reaches record territory soon

Temperatures continue to get hotter later this week...

  Record heat possible by Memorial Day Weekend

While temperatures are already above average, we could be close to record-breaking territory soon...

  Brutal heat ahead for Alabama

Potential record-breaking temperatures are likely by the end of the workweek...

  Hot and mostly dry today, more rain Monday

Record-breaking heat is possible next weekend

  Hot with little rain

This heat is nothing compared to what may be coming Memorial Day Weekend

Hot this weekend, record heat next week?

Temperatures may push the mid to upper 90s next week

  First Alert: Summer-like weekend ahead

Even more heat looms late next week...

  First Alert: Enjoy today, because both heat and humidity return soon

Today will likely be our last comfortably warm day before things get hot...

  First Alert: Summer returns Thursday and beyond

Sunshine, comfortable warmth and low humidity - three major things we don’t see a lot in May will be featured in our forecast...

  First Alert: Bright, beautiful week in progress

Sunshine dominates, and we remain dry for the next couple of days...

  First Alert: Goodbye rain!

Dry, comfortable weather is ahead

  First Alert: Showers, storms this weekend

Some storms could be strong

  First Alert: Off-and-on rain through the weekend

Keep an umbrella nearby!

  First Alert: Higher coverage of showers and storms Thursday

Temperatures won’t be as warm this weekend, but that comes with a good helping of rain

  First Alert: Hot, mainly dry Wednesday

Temperatures will flirt with either side of 90° by later this afternoon

  First Alert: Heating up, then rain returns

Temperatures are trending upward over the next day or so...

  First Alert: Warming up into the workweek

Clouds will gradually clear throughout the day

  First Alert: Severe weather threat over, showers possible overnight

A few showers are possible Sunday

  First Alert: Storms possible Saturday afternoon and evening

Some storms could be on the stronger side

  First Alert: Warm with isolated storms into the weekend

Rain coverage goes up a bit over the next 2 days

  First Alert: First day of May, but already feels like Summer...

With temperatures near 90s and isolated storms on radar, it feels like June!

  First Alert: Summer preview continues

Temperatures are on the rise this afternoon, but so is humidity over the next few days...

  First Alert: Who turned up the heat?!

We’re warm today, but most towns have a real shot of hitting 90° tomorrow...

  First Alert: The warm-up continues

Temperatures will soar to near 90° this week

  First Alert: Nice Weekend Underway

Plenty of sunshine

  First Alert: Cruise control through the weekend

Skies will stay dry, but temperatures will start to soar into next week...

  First Alert: Isolated showers lingering

Alabama is slowly drying out from west to east

First Alert: Gorgeous Spring weather continues

Our streak of quiet, sunny and mild days continues... but for how long?

  First Alert: Beautiful now, rain returns later this week

We remain mostly sunny and dry now through midweek...

  First Alert: Warm-up continues into the workweek

Highs will warm into the 70s under sunny skies

  First Alert: Nice Easter Weekend Underway

Easter morning will be chilly, but temperatures warm nicely into the afternoon.

  First Alert: Chilly with a few showers now, nice Easter weekend ahead

Mornings will be chilly, afternoons will be nice!

  First Alert: Perfect Tuesday and Wednesday, then storms return

We’ll keep things dry over the next few days, but storms return to the forecast soon...

  First Alert: Cooler air returns briefly

Calm weather returns to our forecast, but how long does it stick around?

  First Alert: Severe weather possible Saturday night into Sunday

We’re actively monitoring the potential for strong to severe weather Sunday

  First Alert: Isolated showers Friday and Saturday, storms Sunday

Afternoon temperatures will stay warm in the 80s through Saturday

  First Alert: Warm weather for Thursday

Temperatures today will easily climb into the low/mid 80s thanks to abundant sunshine

  First Alert: Nice Tuesday, but damaging storms could return on Sunday

While today’s weather features some rain, no severe storms are expected

  First Alert: A few strong storms overnight?

Stormy day ahead

  First Alert: Showers, some strong storms return Monday

Scattered activity possible tonight, but more widespread showers and storms are possible tomorrow

  FIRST ALERT: Warm, with isolated rain this weekend

Looking ahead to the weekend

  First Alert: A soaking rain falls on Alabama tonight...

Scattered rain is popping up on radar now, and coverage will grow as the afternoon progresses...

  First Alert: Remains mild, but showers return soon

Our streak of sunny, quiet days comes to and end tomorrow...

  First Alert: Rain returns Thursday

We’re rain free, if only for a moment...

  First Alert: Active pattern returns later this week

Showers are possible overnight

  First Alert: Chilly start to Monday, showers return Monday night

High temperatures stay in the 60s through Tuesday

  First Alert: Showers linger Sunday morning

Temperatures won’t warm up past the low 60s for most!

  First Alert: Rain Saturday night into Sunday, then cooler

Warm and mostly dry for the first half of the weekend!

  First Alert: A few showers and storms possible this weekend

Dry and warm weather will last into the first half of the weekend

  First Alert: Cool mornings, warm afternoons

With temperatures climbing to either side of 70°, this is as close to perfect as a forecast can get

  First Alert: Quiet, for now... more rain possible later today for east Alabama

While we are dry to start of Tuesday afternoon, a few scattered showers could impact some of our counties

  First Alert: Storms are gone, and now we are quiet again

We might not be done with the showers just yet, though...

  First Alert: Sunny and warm weekend

Rain returns for the start of the workweek

  First Alert: Wonderful weather through the weekend!

Temperatures are getting warming over the next few days...

  First Alert: Warming up in time for the weekend!

Rain chances return Monday

  First Alert: Dry Start to Spring

We continue our streak of beautiful, quiet days...

  First Alert: What a week!

After a comfortably cool afternoon, we’re chilly again by Wednesday morning