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  Brutally cold night ahead

Temperature have dropped, and now we will stay chilly for awhile...

  Brief warm-up before arctic front

  Sunny, quiet weekend ahead

  Rain returns Thursday, then Alabama turns cold

  Warm weather continues...for now

  Mainly dry, comfortable through Wednesday

  Mostly dry, a bit warmer through midweek

Continued Coverage

  Cool and quiet weekend

  Chilly, quiet start to November

  Drought conditions persist across central and south Alabama

  Cold start to Friday

  Windy, cold and damp for trick-or-treaters...

  Wet pattern continues through Thursday

  Rain returns for some Tuesday

Our next front moves through Thursday

Rain returns later this week...

But will it rain on your Halloween plans?

  Drier air moving into the state

Wet at times, dry at times through Saturday night

  One more dry day left...

Our weather takes on a wetter pattern by the end of the workweek

  Our coolest night since Spring

  Leftover showers gradually end, turning cooler

  Monday features showers, a few strong storms

  Overcast now, but sunshine returns by Sunday

  Potential tropical cyclone will bring rain, wind to parts of Alabama Friday night and Saturday

  Drying out and turning cold tonight!

  Rain continues tonight, cooler tomorrow

Showers and storms will be widespread today

  Widespread rain Tuesday

Much needed rain is on the way!

  Front brings cooler air for most

While some of our western counties could see a big temperature drop, southeast Alabama sees very little change...

  Next front arrives Saturday, with mixed results

Temperatures look to drop a good 10° by the upcoming weekend...

  Warm now but cooler by the weekend!

We’re not breaking records, but temps are still a few degree above average...

  Warm Wednesday ahead

A cool-down is in our future, though...

  Still warm, but cooler than last week!

While not everyone is guaranteed wet weather, some rain is better than none at all!

  Better rain chance tomorrow...

More record heat for Alabama today

  Brutal heat through Saturday, then cooler

Our forecast will look much different by this time next week...

  Record heat continues

We could finally see *some* cooler temps/wetter conditions soon...

  Record-breaking heat continues this week...

No major changes to the forecast over the next few days...

  Record highs possible through the workweek

But could we cool down by the weekend?!

  Record temperatures possible next several days

Any relief in sight?!

  Brutally hot, mainly dry for the next 7-9 days

Temperatures will stay much warmer than normal over the next several days

  Record heat likely over next several days

Rain chances stay low and fire danger increases

  Heat records fall, rain does not

Alabama's weather remains hot and dry for the foreseeable future

  Record heat this week, drought will worsen

An isolated shower is possible today, but overall, rain chances remain extremely low through the rest of the week

  Heat cranks back up, drought worsens

Hot, dry weather continues for the foreseeable future

  Heating up as we head into Fall

Above average temperatures and below normal rain chances return

  Warm, dry weekend continues

Seasonable temperatures last through Sunday, then we heat things back up!

  Nice weekend, but heat cranks up again soon

No sign of widespread rain, so Alabama’s drought will likely worsen before getting better

  Nice through Sunday, then heat levels increase

Enjoy it while it's here! It won't last forever...

  Cooler air arrives tonight!

Relief arrives tomorrow

  Record-smashing heat in Alabama

Expect two more days of near-record heat, then some cooler air returns

  Hot forecast with barely any rain

Above average temperatures are expected for everyone, but showers will be hard to come by

  The warm-up continues...

Drier air continues to filter into the state

  Temperatures are heating up!

We'll be near 100° again next week

  Friday’s hot, but changes look to arrive this weekend

Above average temperatures will last for a few more days until our rain chances increase...

  Warmer than normal... again

We’ll stay in the 90s for the foreseeable future...

  Warmer than normal heat continues this week

Temperatures will be close to record high

  Above average heat continues over the next several days

Temperatures will stay unusually warm through the upcoming workweek

  Turning up the heat this weekend

Highs will be near 100 the next few days

  Alabama stays hot!

Low humidity means we heat up effectively!

  Hot, dry weather continues...

Upper 90s with sunshine expected to stick around...

  Hot week in progress

While our forecast is quiet, all eyes remain on Hurricane Dorian

  Dorian stops moving, set to threaten East Coast

While it won’t impact our forecast, all eyes are on now CAT 4 Hurricane Dorian

  First Alert: Dorian an extremely dangerous category 5 hurricane, ravaging the Bahamas

Update on Hurricane Dorian and how that will keep our forecast dry next week

  Dorian’s track shifts east, will bring dry air to Alabama

An update on Major Hurricane Dorian, as well as a look at our local weekend forecast

  First Alert: Dorian a category 4 hurricane, forecast to still strengthen

Plus your Labor Day Weekend Forecast

  Less muggy, still hot

As we enjoy the return of sunshine, we are keeping our eyes on Tropical Storm Dorian

  Cooler, less muggy air arrives soon

While it might not be as wet as our Monday, a good helping of rain is expected again today

  Scattered rain again Tuesday

Plus an update on the two systems in the Tropics

  Higher rain chances again Monday

Numerous showers and storms are possible

Scattered weekend storms

Showers & storms increasing in coverage

  Rain chances ramp up this weekend

Rain chances increase over the next few days

  Mostly dry today, but more rain expected soon

Not too many showers on radar today, but coverage ramps up this weekend

  Storms slowly fade tonight...

Afternoon downpours are expected again Tuesday

  More storms in the days to come...

Our 100°+ streak is coming to an end soon

  Increasing rain chances for the workweek

Humidity has returned

  Hot Weekend Underway

Record high of 102° has been tied in Montgomery

  Five in a row?

Near 100° temperatures are expected again Saturday, but thankfully wet weather returns soon

  Hot with lower humidity

Temperatures will still be close to 100°, but lower humidity will help

  Mostly dry and hot, but not AS hot

The forecast stays on the drier side through the rest of the week

  First Alert Weather Day: Heat lingers this evening

For the first time in seven years, we're under an Excessive Heat Warning. Heat like this can cause heat stroke or even heat exhaustion!

  Dangerous heat through Tuesday

Heat index values will be 105°+

  Hot Sunday Ahead

A Heat Advisory will be issued again tomorrow

  Heat Advisory in effect through the weekend

Dangerous heat remains in the forecast for the foreseeable future

  Overwhelming heat continues...

Even hotter weather possible next week!