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  Cold night on the way!

Plus a low severe weather threat Saturday

  Chilly, windy Wednesday ahead for Alabama

  Quick shot of cold air Wednesday/Thursday

  Beautiful stretch of weather underway

  Showers tonight, more rain into the first half of the weekend

  More rain chances on the way

  Intervals of rain ahead

  Wet Wednesday, cool and unsettled Thursday and beyond

  Warm, dry start to the week

Continued Coverage

  Sunny and warm next couple of day days

  A few showers possible early before a sunny Sunday afternoon

  Widespread rain, storms to end this AM

  Waves of rain and storms likely through Saturday morning

  One more dry day before plenty of rain and storms

  One more nice day...

  Sunny for now with 80s coming back

Rain and storm chances return for the end of the week.

  The warm-up continues

We stay dry through mid-week

  Cold start to Easter Sunday, but the afternoon will be pleasant!

Also, temperatures start warming up from here!

  Another frosty night, then a warm up begins

Plenty of sun expected through Wednesday with rain chances returning Thursday.

  Shot of winter cold with no rain in sight

  Much cooler air has arrived

  Rain and strong to severe storms Wednesday, then much colder

  Temperatures and rain chances ramp up, then come crashing down

  Sunny Monday before rain returns

  More shower and storm chances, but no big severe threat

  Severe threat over, rain remains in forecast

Severe threat over, rain remains in forecast

  Scattered storms now through Friday morning

Thursday and Thursday night feature a low risk of a couple of severe storms.

  Rainy Tuesday evening in progress, severe storm risk for some on Thursday

Rain and some storms are possible each day through Sunday.

  Multiple rounds of rain, some storms this week

Chance of strong and severe storms Thursday into Friday.

  Storms possible next week

Temperatures are warming up

  Below average temps stick around for a few more days

A warming trend kicks in next week

  Cooler stretch of days ahead

Cool, dry weather returns to the state

Today is a First Alert Weather Day

Tornadoes, damaging winds and large hail are all hazards that could accompany storms Wednesday-Wednesday night.

  First Alert: Severe storms possible Wednesday

Rain returns to the forecast starting Monday

  Dry, warm weekend before rain returns

Chances for showers and storms exist each day next week.

  Even warmer temperatures on the way for the weekend

Rain and cooler air arrive next week

  80s knocking on the doorstep, Rain finally in the forecast

80⁰+ expected Thursday-Sunday with rain chances next week.

  We’re getting warmer...

Highs in the 70s don’t last long... we’ll be pushing 80-85⁰ Thursday-Monday

  Sunny, warm week in progress

Highs in the 70s and eventually the 80s.

  Temperatures are warming up!

Skies stay dry

  Seasonable weekend, then big warm-up during the workweek

Rain chances are nonexistent

  Cloudy start to a slightly cooler weekend

A big warm-up is on the way next week!

  The warmth sticks around, but does the sunshine?

Plus one very small chance for showers

  Comfortable next several days

There’s only one small chance for showers

  Dreary and cold today, more sun on the way

Rain all day into early tonight with highs around 50 degrees.

  A wet, chilly Tuesday ahead

A healthy rain for everyone comes Monday night through Tuesday night.

  Forecast takes a wetter and cooler turn for the workweek

You'll need rain gear to start the workweek

  Unseasonably warm weekend, Rain and cooler air return soon

Clouds stick around this weekend

  Warm weather continues, but does rain return soon?

70s, 80s going nowhere; Friday’s rain chances have dropped

  Warm weather dominates the pattern

Plus a few chances for rain

  Sunny, warm and dry for now

Highs staying in the 70s with a couple of elevated rain chances.

  Quiet and mild before rain returns by the end of the week

Highs heading for the 70s each day starting Tuesday!

  The warm-up continues, Showers possible Monday morning

The 70s return soon...

Sunshine, much warmer temps headline the next week

Only rain chance will be some light showers Sunday night into Monday.

  Sunshine returns soon!

Clouds will clear by Friday afternoon

  Rain ends early Thursday, colder air returns

Rain coverage increases this evening into tonight and early Thursday.

  Brutally cold tonight, more rain coming soon

Snow winds down around noon, but temps stay in 30s today.

  Alabama goes into the deep freeze

Severe threat, freezing rain risk ending quickly; any residual rain will freeze quickly this evening.

  First Alert: Ice possible for some Monday - Tuesday morning

Freezing rain is possible late Monday and slick spots are possible early Tuesday in west Alabama

  Rain stays in the forecast over the next several days...

Showers possible today, rain likely tonight into Saturday and again early next week.

  Rain stays in the forecast over the next several days

Keep your umbrella on hand!

  Active week ahead

Rain chances are low today but high tomorrow

  Warm through Thursday, wet at times

Most days feature a chance of rain through early next week.

  Warm weather with occasional rain

Scattered showers are back as early as tonight, then more widespread rain will arrive by the end of the week

  Two dry days before rain chances return

Tomorrow will be very nice!

  Multiple opportunities for rain over the next 7 days

Expect changes to the forecast going forward with complex setup.

  Less rain and warmer temperatures? There have been some adjustments to our forecast...

We have a better grip on how the weekend's system will impact us

  Sunny and cold today, but temps slowly warm up ahead of our next system

Still breezy today, showers to end the week.

  Cold and breezy now, rain heading towards the weekend

Lows will be in the upper 20s and lower 30s through Thursday morning.

  Huge temperature drop arriving soon!

It will be breezy to windy this afternoon through Tuesday.

  Showers arrive tonight

Only chance of rain is Saturday evening through midday Sunday.

  Freezing night tonight, but the afternoons get warmer from here

Plenty of lows in the upper 20s and 30s coming up

  Here comes the cold!

Temps are heading for 20s and 30s at night

Alabama has tornado “hot spots” and overall tornado numbers are rising

Fultondale tornado occurred in an area that sees more tornadoes than any other part of the state.

  Rainy night in progress, showers linger through Wednesday

Best rain chances happen in south Alabama this afternoon

  Scattered showers and storms arrive early Tuesday

Scattered showers, storms expected Monday night through early Wednesday.

  Increasing clouds and rain chances

Rain returns to the forecast soon

  Dry Saturday, then two more systems next week

Monday and Wednesday to bring rain and even storm chances.

  The first of three rain systems impacting us today

Steadiest rain likely from dinnertime today to lunchtime Friday.

  A soaking rain to end the week, staying above average

No thunderstorms, flooding or severe weather expected.

  Warmer with a few clouds today, then rain returns

Highs will likely be at or above 60° for at least next 7 days

  Get ready for the return of some 60s and a good shot of rainfall

Rain showers become likely Thursday and Friday.

  Sunshine sticks around for now, but rain returns soon

Highs head for the 60s beginning Tuesday, with rain chances by Thursday.