Potential record heat on the way

Temperatures in the mid 90s today will soar near 100° by this weekend...

  Brutal heat ahead for Alabama

  Hot and mostly dry today, more rain Monday

  Hot with little rain

Hot this weekend, record heat next week?

  First Alert: Summer-like weekend ahead

  First Alert: Enjoy today, because both heat and humidity return soon

Continued Coverage

  First Alert: Summer returns Thursday and beyond

  First Alert: Bright, beautiful week in progress

  First Alert: Goodbye rain!

  First Alert: Showers, storms this weekend

  First Alert: Off-and-on rain through the weekend

  First Alert: Higher coverage of showers and storms Thursday

  First Alert: Hot, mainly dry Wednesday

Temperatures will flirt with either side of 90° by later this afternoon

  First Alert: Heating up, then rain returns

Temperatures are trending upward over the next day or so...

  First Alert: Warming up into the workweek

Clouds will gradually clear throughout the day

  First Alert: Severe weather threat over, showers possible overnight

A few showers are possible Sunday

  First Alert: Storms possible Saturday afternoon and evening

  First Alert: Warm with isolated storms into the weekend

  First Alert: First day of May, but already feels like Summer...

  First Alert: Summer preview continues

  First Alert: Who turned up the heat?!

  First Alert: The warm-up continues

  First Alert: Nice Weekend Underway

Plenty of sunshine

  First Alert: Cruise control through the weekend

Skies will stay dry, but temperatures will start to soar into next week...

  First Alert: Isolated showers lingering

Alabama is slowly drying out from west to east

First Alert: Gorgeous Spring weather continues

Our streak of quiet, sunny and mild days continues... but for how long?

  First Alert: Beautiful now, rain returns later this week

We remain mostly sunny and dry now through midweek...

  First Alert: Warm-up continues into the workweek

Highs will warm into the 70s under sunny skies

  First Alert: Nice Easter Weekend Underway

Easter morning will be chilly, but temperatures warm nicely into the afternoon.

  First Alert: Chilly with a few showers now, nice Easter weekend ahead

Mornings will be chilly, afternoons will be nice!

  First Alert: Perfect Tuesday and Wednesday, then storms return

We’ll keep things dry over the next few days, but storms return to the forecast soon...

  First Alert: Cooler air returns briefly

Calm weather returns to our forecast, but how long does it stick around?

  First Alert: Severe weather possible Saturday night into Sunday

We’re actively monitoring the potential for strong to severe weather Sunday

  First Alert: Isolated showers Friday and Saturday, storms Sunday

Afternoon temperatures will stay warm in the 80s through Saturday

  First Alert: Warm weather for Thursday

Temperatures today will easily climb into the low/mid 80s thanks to abundant sunshine

  First Alert: Nice Tuesday, but damaging storms could return on Sunday

While today’s weather features some rain, no severe storms are expected

  First Alert: A few strong storms overnight?

Stormy day ahead

  First Alert: Showers, some strong storms return Monday

Scattered activity possible tonight, but more widespread showers and storms are possible tomorrow

  FIRST ALERT: Warm, with isolated rain this weekend

Looking ahead to the weekend

  First Alert: A soaking rain falls on Alabama tonight...

Scattered rain is popping up on radar now, and coverage will grow as the afternoon progresses...

  First Alert: Remains mild, but showers return soon

Our streak of sunny, quiet days comes to and end tomorrow...

  First Alert: Rain returns Thursday

We’re rain free, if only for a moment...

  First Alert: Active pattern returns later this week

Showers are possible overnight

  First Alert: Chilly start to Monday, showers return Monday night

High temperatures stay in the 60s through Tuesday

  First Alert: Showers linger Sunday morning

Temperatures won’t warm up past the low 60s for most!

  First Alert: Rain Saturday night into Sunday, then cooler

Warm and mostly dry for the first half of the weekend!

  First Alert: A few showers and storms possible this weekend

Dry and warm weather will last into the first half of the weekend

  First Alert: Cool mornings, warm afternoons

With temperatures climbing to either side of 70°, this is as close to perfect as a forecast can get

  First Alert: Quiet, for now... more rain possible later today for east Alabama

While we are dry to start of Tuesday afternoon, a few scattered showers could impact some of our counties

  First Alert: Storms are gone, and now we are quiet again

We might not be done with the showers just yet, though...

  First Alert: Sunny and warm weekend

Rain returns for the start of the workweek

  First Alert: Wonderful weather through the weekend!

Temperatures are getting warming over the next few days...

  First Alert: Warming up in time for the weekend!

Rain chances return Monday

  First Alert: Dry Start to Spring

We continue our streak of beautiful, quiet days...

  First Alert: What a week!

After a comfortably cool afternoon, we’re chilly again by Wednesday morning

First Alert: Chilly nights, comfortable afternoons

Temps remain in the 60s as we wrap up the last few days of Winter... the new season starts off on a quiet note

  First Alert: Sunny and comfortable next several days

We stay mostly dry all of next week.

  First Alert: Chilly tonight, comfortably cool St. Patty’s Day

Little to no rain will be found over the next 7 days

  First Alert: Cool, dry weather ahead

What is left over from last night’s severe weather no longer packs a punch, but it still leaves some of us wet this afternoon

First Alert: Storms pushing steadily eastward

Watching storms

  FIRST ALERT: Storms arrive tomorrow night

One last quiet day

  First Alert: Windy Wednesday, storms late Thursday?

What a day!

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  FIRST ALERT: Feeling like Spring

Feeling like Spring

  First Alert: Rain chances linger overnight and into Monday

We’ll dry out Tuesday

  First Alert: Storms Sunday

The threat for severe storms is low

  FIRST ALERT: Watching the Weekend

Watching the weekend

  First Alert: Weekend system trends slower, weaker

We will be getting milder as we wrap up the workweek, but storms could as early as Saturday...

  First Alert: Warmer, strong storms possible this weekend

Temps in the 20s this morning will warm up near 50° by the afternoon...

Tragedy in Alabama: A detailed look at Sunday’s tornado outbreak

Detailed information on Sunday's catastrophic tornadoes in Alabama.

  First Alert: Feels like Winter, but getting warmer...

Temperatures remain well below average, but sunshine returns

  First Alert: Cold temperatures continue through Wednesday

Mornings will be in the 20s and 30s

  First Alert: Storm threat over, cold air now rushing into the state

The impacts from today’s storms will be felt for years to come

  First Alert: Multiple Tornado Warnings in AL

Sunday is a First Alert Weather Day due to heavy rain, gusty winds, hail and isolated tornadoes

  First Alert: Tracking possible severe weather Sunday afternoon

Heavy rain, gusty winds, hail and isolated tornadoes are all possible as our next system rolls through Alabama

  FIRST ALERT: It’s raining...again

More rain

  First Alert: Intervals of rain continue through the weekend

Coverage of on and off showers will remain elevated throughout the rest of our Thursday

  First Alert: Rain, a few rumbles possible Thursday

Rain chances ramp up tonight

  First Alert: Rain chance ramps up Thursday

Clouds are more abundant today, and increased rain chances follow

  First Alert: River flooding worsens along the Tombigbee

Enjoy today, because clouds return tomorrow and will wrap our workweek up on a wet note...