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  Wetter weekend ahead

Showers & storms increasing in coverage

  Rain chances ramp up this weekend

  Mostly dry today, but more rain expected soon

  Storms slowly fade tonight...

  More storms in the days to come...

  Increasing rain chances for the workweek

  Hot Weekend Underway

  Five in a row?

  Hot with lower humidity

Continued Coverage

  Mostly dry and hot, but not AS hot

  First Alert Weather Day: Heat lingers this evening

  Dangerous heat through Tuesday

  Hot Sunday Ahead

  Heat Advisory in effect through the weekend

  Overwhelming heat continues...

  Heat dominates the forecast

Heat index values will surge to near 105°+ tomorrow

  Even hotter Wednesday and Thursday

Heat cranking up, rain chances dropping down a bit...

  A classic August pattern continues...

More rain!

  Scattered rain Monday

Higher rain coverage returns Monday

  More rain expected Sunday

  Heat, humidity for all...storms for some!

  Scattered storms Friday

  Scattered thunderstorms bring *some* rain

  August arrives, drought likely to expand

  Heat cranks up...

  Warm-up continues

Highs return to the mid 90s by mid-week

  Nice weekend for Alabama

Hot, yes - but the humidity stays low

  Low humidity, low rain chance

Low humidity and slightly below average temps persist, but for how long?

  Humidity stays gone a few more days...

Temperatures are slightly below average AND dew point keeps dropping

  Bring on the lower humidity!

Showers and storms impact us today, but cooler/drier air filters into the area soon

  How rare are 80s in July for Alabama?

While heat is the norm this time of year, we’re prepping for a cooler few days ahead

  Cold front ups rain chances, then drops humidity!

We’re hot today, a bit stormy tomorrow, then cooler by Wednesday

  Cold front to arrive Tuesday

Until then, a normal summertime pattern is in place Sunday and Monday

  Scattered storms, less heat this weekend

The weekend won’t be a washout, but rain coverage is elevated

  Higher coverage of rain, lower temps!

The weekend won’t be a washout, but rain is likely at points

  Rain chances going up soon!

Better shower and storm coverage tomorrow, this weekend means lower temps

  Scattered thunderstorms increase later this week

Heat index values are back between 100-105°+ today, but could relief be on the way soon?

  Hot, humid pattern continues through mid-week

Hot today with air temps in the mid/upper 90s, feeling like 105°+

  Bye bye Barry, hello (again) heat!

Tropical moisture moves out, heat moves back in

  Barry a weakening tropical depression, Warm-up on the way for Alabama

Alabama continues to be marginally impacted by Barry’s outer bands

  Tracking Tropical Storm Barry

A detailed discussion in local and beach impacts

  Rain chances up, temperatures down...

We’re closely watching as what will soon be Tropical Depression Barry gains momentum in the Gulf

  Big heat, big humidity, big storms

Heat index values to 105°+ are expected today for the majority of our area, but some spots have luckily seen rain!

  Heat, humidity - and tropical development?

Heat dominates the headlines, but we’re keeping an eye on potential tropical development

  Hot and humid with isolated storms Monday

Still hot and humid for everyone who stays dry

  Hot with scattered storms Sunday

There’s a greater chance for rain Sunday

  Hot and humid weekend ahead

Isolated storms will do little to cool us off Saturday

  Seasonable 4th of July forecast

Rain has cleared in time for fireworks!

  Hot and humid with scattered storms for Independence Day

Rain chances are low for fireworks, but not zero

  Heat, humidity and a few storms

Toasty Tuesday

  Welcome to July!

Today will be hot and humid with a few storms to track later this afternoon

  New month ahead, same Summer-like forecast

We’ll remain consistently hot and humid through the upcoming week with a few showers

  Last weekend of June

We will remain hot and humid with a few storms...

  Another round of heat, humidity and storms

Coverage and intensity has faded a bit, but we can’t rule out more scattered rain tonight

  Storms for some, heat for all

Isolated storms, heat and humidity - rinse and repeat! Who has the best rain chance? Here's our discussion.

  Tracking more heat, humidity and storms for the rest of the week

A detailed discussion of Alabama's weather

  Hot, humid...and more storms

This forecast is repeating itself!

  Hot and humid with storms Monday

Some afternoon storms could be strong

  Hot with a few storms Sunday

“Feels like” temperatures will be 100°+ again

  Blazing heat and humidity

Summer is here

  Storms end, heat cranks up

Most south Alabama counties are included in this watch until 9pm...

  More showers, storms in the forecast

While it’s not a washout today, we remain mostly cloudy with scattered rain

  Showers gradually depart

More showers and storms expected through the early evening...

  Remains hot & humid with a few showers

Coverage of rain is on/off all workweek long...

  More showers, storms likely this week

Temperatures remain seasonable, but you will notice it feels humid...

  Doesn’t get much better than this!

So how long can we keep this comfortably warm forecast going...?

  Comfortably cool night ahead!

Low humidity allows us to effectively cool temps down this evening...

  Dry next few days

Not everyone sees rain, but for those who do their could be isolated stronger storms

  A few scattered showers/storms Wednesday

Most of the area remains dry, but a few showers are still possible...

  Rain, rumbles in spots

After seeing several days of beneficial rain, shower and storms will fade over the next few days

  Hit-or-miss showers and storms Monday

Off-and-on rain will continue into early next week

  Off-and-on rain for the weekend

Heavy downpours are coming back today

  Rain, rain and more rain...

Can't rule out a few stronger storms this afternoon.

  Changes are coming!

After another day of near 100 degree heat, we've reached the end of the line.

  Wetter pattern arrives later this week

Heat dominates for the next few days until rain chances start to increase...

  Blistering heat Tuesday, then the pattern changes...

Much needed shower activity looks to arrive as early as Wednesday...

  End to our dry weather in sight?

More dry and hot weather is in our immediate future, but rounds of rain are possible by the end of the week

  Hot and dry weekend underway

Temperatures stay above average with little rain in the forecast

  Warm weekend ahead...

We’re still hot, and there won’t be much rain to cool us off

  More heat, a little rain?

Temperatures remain above average; rogue rain is possible across south Alabama

  Above average heat continues

The chance for rain stays low over the next several days

  Remains hot, but scattered showers could return soon

We’ll be above average, but no more record are expected to be broken

  Done with record heat?

It’s still hot, but rain chances could return soon!