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Victoryland's mid-September reopening to bring hundreds of jobs

(Source: WSFA 12 News file photo) (Source: WSFA 12 News file photo)

Around 200 jobs are coming back to Macon County as Victoryland plans a soft reopening for mid-September. The shuttered casino in Shorter will be buzzing with new business in roughly three weeks, at least that’s the hope for County Commission Chair Lewis Maxwell.

“We are excited to see Victoryland open back up because it is going to have a tremendous impact on our economy,” Maxwell said.

He says it will take upwards of 45 days to see the first increase in revenue coming back to the county. Specifically, on the county’s alcohol and beverage tax, sales tax, and an occupational tax.

“I pray he will open up the restaurant”, Maxwell explained, of Victoryland owner, Milton McGregor. “We don’t know. That was a tremendous draw, not just for gambling, but non-gamblers. I used to see church buses to go out to have dinner at the Oasis.”

As for what we do know, McGregor has promised to open with 500 machines, all which have been certified by Macon County Sheriff Andre Brunson. By law, Brunson regulates gaming in Macon County.

Victoryland has serious gaming competition as compared to reopening in years past. McGregor promises an expansion in the coming months and significant announcements about what Victoryland will offer its customers.

It’s no secret, Victoryland is Macon County’s bread and butter. But raids and closures have forced the County Commission to add more irons to the economic fire. This reopening will finally offer a sales tax base with various industries – not limited to gaming.

“Sometimes you have to get down to realize what you have to do to get up,” Maxwell explained. “I’m excited about what happened while Victoryland was closed, but I’m excited even more to see it all come together.”

The Macon County casino has been closed since 2013 after a raid by the Alabama Attorney General’s Office. Despite a trial, and a reversed ruling against Victoryland from the Alabama Supreme Court, McGregor believes it’s time to reopen.

Macon County voters say their gaming amendment passed by the people legalizes bingo for local residents.

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