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Changes coming to AL high school football this season

(Source: AHSAA) (Source: AHSAA)

Two major changes, among others, are coming to the Alabama high school football scene this season. 

Perhaps the largest change: the new "running clock" rule that will only apply in the playoffs. According to the Alabama High School Athletic Association, the new rule states that both coaches have the option to agree on a running clock if both coaches deem the game to be "out of hand."

The second change? A new way to determine the home team in the playoffs. According to the AHSAA, in the first round the top 2 seeds will be the home team while seeds 3 and 4 travel. In the following rounds, the home team will be determined by which team traveled in the previous round. If both teams traveled, then the higher seed will be the home team; if both teams traveled and are the same seed, then the determination will go by the bracket. 

There will be a new system that will send out in-game score alerts via cell phone signal. The system, called Scorebird, will be a transmitter box that attaches to scoreboards. It will make the in-game updates available on both the AHSAA website as well as the app. In terms of access, each school will receive one transmitter box for free and any additional boxes the school would have to purchase itself. 

Finally, the AHSAA approved a resolution to make schools responsible for providing the chain crews for all rounds except the final round. Schools have the option to either use their own crew or to hire an official's chain crew through the local officials association. In addition to this change, the AHSAA will schedule a clip official to assist each crew. 

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