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Experts: Time to readjust sleep schedules for start of school

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Students across Alabama will head back to school in the next two weeks, and many of them will be jolted into a routine they had almost forgotten over the summer.

Experts say now is the time to start working children back into a 'school appropriate' rhythm.

“It can take up to two weeks, and that's why we recommend them doing it at least two weeks prior,” explained Dannica Taylor, a Montgomery Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. “We also recommend during the summer that they stay on schedule. we do understand that sometimes there are vacations and things that come up. but as much as possible, children really do benefit from a consistent routine.”

The National Sleep Foundation also says it's important to maintain that sleep schedule. Don't use the weekend to "catch up on sleep." It's also important to establish a bedtime routine to allow your child to unwind.

"The routine can really be whatever the parent and child decide together. We do ask it is something like no TV or electronics an hour before bed time. It can be something as simple as a reading, a bath, and then going to bed," Taylor said. 

The foundation recommends limiting TV, video games, and other electronics about two hours before bedtime. 

"The brain is just able to really calm down when they're doing those things prior to bed time," said Taylor. "So we like to recommend that they shut those things off at least an hour before, preferably two hours before bed time."

Another tip from the National Sleep Foundation, "Be a role model". Establish your own regular sleep cycle and maintain a home that promotes healthy sleep. 

Montgomery Public Schools welcome students back to school August 10. Check out a complete list of Back to School dates in our area by clicking this link.

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