Class Act: Teacher found her calling later in life and loves it

Class Act: Marbury teacher brings life experience to the classroom

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - This week, we found our Class Act teacher in the middle of giving a quiz to her class at Marbury High School.

Becky Hardy has taught science here for three years now and says she loves the subject because science is everywhere!

“So I like to help the students think about something that they encounter every day and realize that it’s science,” said Hardy.

Becky Hardy WSFA Class Act
Becky Hardy WSFA Class Act (Source: WSFA 12 News)

This is her second career. After graduating from college and attending medical technology school, Hardy worked in medical labs for 30 years. Then at 52, she went back to get her masters and realize her dream to teach.

Hardy feels it’s a good thing that she started her career in education later in life.

“Absolutely! I think I have more experiences to share with the students and actually, this may sound strange, but I think I have a little more patience with them,” Hardy said.

Marbury High School Principal, Lyman Woodfin, couldn’t agree more.

“She’s a resource. I know we go to her. The students love her. And with that outside experience, she really is able to translate that to how life really will be after school," Woodfin said,

But today, they’re still in school and they still have that quiz to take.

“They were on Question One, so I can certainly go back for the rest of the questions. And I’m going to. And they know I’m going to,” Hardy said after a hearty laugh.

Then off she went to shape more young minds and show her students the value of life experience and a love of science.

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